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What is ASB Gamechanger?

We've partnered with TVNZ on a series that tracks the 'game-changing' journeys of Kiwis across the country to improve their financial wellbeing and get one step ahead.

Watch as we support them on the ups and downs of their money journey and help them progress towards their goals with newfound confidence. Tune into TVNZ 1 every Monday night just after Seven Sharp at 7:30pm, watch it on demand, or check out the episodes below.

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Megan takes control of her money and sets herself up for the future

Episode 2 of ASB Gamechanger follows 53-year-old Megan as she learns how to budget, takes control of her debt, and plans for a stress-free retirement.

Check out the tools Megan used

Want to get one step ahead yourself? Take a look at some of the tips and tools Megan worked through and see how they can help you too.

Easy budgeting tool to get you started

Use our budget template to figure out the ins and outs of your money, what you're spending it on and how much is left over at the end of the week or month.

Take control of your debt

We’ve got tips that may help get your debt under control, put more back into your pocket and help ease any financial stress.

Get retirement ready

A little planning can go a long way towards a comfortable future. Now is a good time to consider how your KiwiSaver savings could work for you in, or near retirement.

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Amanda and Vai Tavita work towards owning their new family home

Episode 1 follows the Tavitas and their rugby-loving boys as they make a plan for achieving their home ownership dream.

Check out a few of the tools Amanda and Vai used

Want to get one step ahead yourself? Take a look at some of the tools and guides the Tavitas used and see how they can help you too

Check your financial wellbeing score with our simple calculator

Your financial wellbeing score is a handy way to see what's working now and how you can help set yourself up for the future.

Easy ways to budget

Setting a budget helps you stay on track with your financial goals and stay in control of your money. Check out our budgeting template today.

Guide to saving for a goal

Check out our tips and tricks. Explore tools like Save the Change. Make your savings automatic with automatic payments, hide your account and more.

Chat to one of our friendly team

If you're inspired by one of our ASB Gamechanger stories and want some guidance on achieving your own goals, book a chat with one of our experts. Whether you want to get on top of your debt, grow your savings, or work towards a future of financial freedom, we can show you the small steps you need to take to achieve your goal and leave you feeling confident and in control.

Talking with us about your money situation, goals and challenges now could have a positive impact on your financial wellbeing. We can help you get clear on your goals and how to achieve them, setting you up well for the future.

It all starts with you

Small steps can help you build good money habits, setting you up to reach your goals. If you're finding it hard to stay on top of your finances, don't have emergency savings put aside, or have a general money goal you want to fast track, ASB can help. Get tailored financial wellbeing tips and tools to help make a game plan, take charge of your future, and feel good about your money.

Check out the tools

The information and tools suggested are intended to provide general information only. It is not financial advice and does not take into consideration your personal needs and financial circumstances. You should consider seeking financial advice before making any decision based on this information.