Advice process

Advice process

If you were changing careers, making a major purchase in life or simply refreshing your wardrobe, chances are you'd seek out some trusted advice. Investing for your future should be no different.

No matter where you're starting from or how far ahead you're thinking, putting a plan together with a qualified expert is worth every cent – especially when it's free.

At ASB we don't quick-sell investment products, it just wouldn't feel right. Instead we begin by offering a financial planning service that's:

  • Free.
  • Confidential.
  • With no obligation to invest.

Professional Wealth Managers
Our Wealth Managers are qualified professionals. They have a solid understanding of investing and everything to do with financial planning; from setting realistic goals and managing debt to retirement planning and risk protection.

We do the work, you call the shots
All you have to do is let us know you're interested. We'll set up a meeting at any ASB branch or if you prefer, in your home or a café.

Your Wealth Manager will build an understanding of your needs, financial situation and goals, prepare a detailed written plan and meet again to discuss it with you. Once the plan is finalised, and if you're happy to proceed, your Wealth Manager will get things underway for you. And they'll continue to support your investments long into the future.

If at any point in the planning process you decide not to continue, that's okay with us.

Make the call
To get an ASB Wealth Manager working for your future, call us today on
0800 ASB FUNDS (0800 272 386).

Next steps
Once you've made the appointment, or if you're still not too sure, you might like to take a look at the next steps in more detail. They start with some suggestions for what to do before you meet your Wealth Manager.

ASB Wealth Managers' disclosure statements are available on request and free of charge from your ASB Wealth Manager.

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