Housing interest rates

Housing interest rates

Term Rate
Fixed 36 Month special rate* 6.29% p.a.

*This special rate is available for new home lending of $100,000 or more and where there is a minimum of 20% equity in the security property i.e. a loan to value ratio (LVR) of 80% or less.

This special rate does not apply to packages or other ASB discounts and is subject to customers having (or obtaining) all of the following:

  • Their main bank transaction account with ASB i.e. their salary, wages, business or rental income credited to this account;
  • An ASB credit card.

As at 07:40:16 a.m., Thursday 24 April 2014

Interest rates are subject to change at any time without notice. However, once you draw down a home loan on a fixed interest rate, the rate will not change during the term you selected.

Term Rate
Housing Variable6.00 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (6 Month)5.55 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (12 Month)5.85 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (18 Month)5.99 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (24 Month)6.49 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (36 Month)6.85 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (48 Month)7.19 % p.a.
Housing Fixed (60 Month)7.40 % p.a.
ORBIT Home Loan6.00 % p.a.
Societies Clubs and Churches7.00 % p.a.
Second Mortgage9.00 % p.a.
Flexible Finance Facility6.50 % p.a.

ASB's home loan criteria and a fee of $400 may apply. Early repayment adjustments may also apply. A low equity premium may apply. Business loans excluded.